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MALAYSIA & BRUNEI: Abbott Similac X Dreamworks KouKou Promotion Campaign

01 September 2021

From 1st August till 30th September 2021, Abbott Similac in Malaysia & Brunei has collaborated with DreamWorks KouKou to launch a promotion campaign to redeem the adorable Dreamworks KouKou Plushies with the purchase of Similac Gain Plus Gold / Gain Kid Gold / IntelliPro.

The plush collectibles consist of iconic characters from the DreamWorks movies, namely Madagascar, Kungfu Panda, and How To Train Your Dragon. 

In addition to the promotion mechanics, parents can get to enroll their children in Abbott Similac's Play & Learn contest. The contest allows every child to roleplay as a Movie Director to produce a short film with the Dreamworks KouKou plushies. Winners of the contest get to win prizes worth up to RM30,000. 

Click the link below to find out more about the promotion campaign:

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