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30 September 2022

Autobots, transform and roll out!
In the incredible universe of the Transformers, we all have the power to be something more than what others expect.
Rise to your next gaming occasion with uThrone V – Transformers Edition, featuring designs of your all time favorite characters: Optimus Prime &Bumblebee.
Fueled by Energon, let Transformers back you up to shine through your game. Channel the Autobots’ energy through the glow-in the-dark design at the back of uThrone V and instantly level up your gaming performance.

With over 4 years of massage expertise, OSIM injects new life to your gaming experience with the game-changing uThrone V.
Designed for gamers, witness the extraordinary synergy of gaming ergonomics and remarkable massage to unleash your inner power and overcome epic challenges. Slot in massage sessions between game sessions with uThrone V to knead away body aches and stat laser-focused in your next battle.
OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair lets you score on the battlefield while making sure that your well-being is taken care of.

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