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SINGAPORE: The Ultimate Fan Setup: Rep Your Hogwarts House with Secretlab SKINS - Harry Potter House Collection

13 March 2023

Imagine stepping through the doors of Hogwarts as a First-Year and into the Great Hall, where the Sorting Hat awaits. Are you brave as a Gryffindor, ambitious as a Slytherin, smart as a Ravenclaw or loyal as a Hufflepuff?

Featuring designs exclusive to Secretlab SKINS, the Harry Potter House Collection sports the iconic crest of each Hogwarts house prominently in its pride of place, on the front and back of the backrest sleeve. Precisely mapped with a proprietary fitting system, the chair skin cloaks your Secretlab TITAN Evo chair with an indistinguishable form and fit, embellished with an accented checkered pattern in the respective house colors on the side wings. Transform your chair into the ultimate display of fandom for your Hogwarts house in less than three minutes, while keeping it fresh and clean with double the softness.

Experience the magic with the full Secretlab Harry Potter Collection and keep the wonder alive at: