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29 April 2022
Are you a Fruity or Fresh lover?
Why not both! Introducing the Miss Leaf x Mentos Cooling Mask which comes in two refreshing ingredients!
▪️ Whitening & Moisturising Mask – Mixed Berries & Mint
▪️ Anti-Aging & Moisturising Mask – Lemon & Witch Hazel
The facial mask was launched back in Feb 2022 and received positive response from the fans. Hurry, shop our anti-aging and whitening cooling mask from Astro Go Shop - Malaysia's leading e-commerce and home shopping platform before they're gone!
21 April 2022

Batman fans and Batvehicle enthusiasts, there is definitely a space in your collection for this grail. Collectors can look forward to displaying the Batcycle in its true minimalistic design with fairings closed or leave the fairings aside, and showcase the strikingly designed engine details.

Pre-order now at:

21 April 2022

Gear up with #DC The Batman in this exclusive line of merchandise from Our Liscenced Collective — crafted to commemorate the release of Matt Reeve’s rendition of the Dark Knight at Our Licensed Collective.

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Kimstore x OLC Lazada:


19 April 2022
There’s nothing like the classics like Looney Tunes! Pick the best gift featuring iconic Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Sylvester and friends. Don’t forget to get one for yourself too!
17 April 2022
Here’s an adorable We Bare Bears collection awaiting you! From office to daily lifestyle products, get these We Bare Bears merchandise from Our Licensed Collective store now at