Pacific Licensing Studio won 6 awards from Warner Bros. Agency meeting 2014

13 Jan 2014
Congratulation to Pacific Licensing Studio on winning a few outstanding awards in the recent annual Warner Bros. Consumer Products - Agent Meeting conducted on 11 Jan 2014!
The awards are mainly listed as per the below.

- Best Retail Program with Penshoppe, Philippines for their extensive retail activation with comprehensive range of merchandise.
- Best License in Promotion/Branded Food with Jollibee Food Corporation, Philippines for their extensive premiums program and extensive ATL and BTL commitment.
- Best in Hardlines with Gician Novelties Pte. Ltd, Singapore for their impressive range of merchandise an retail set-up.
- Best in Retail Event with Mid Valley Mega mall (Man of Steel – Defender of Earth), Malaysia with impactful on-site/retail dress up as well as extensive publicity.
- Best in Softlines with Plentifirst Trading Sdn Bhd, Malaysia for their complete range of apparels with extensive retail points dress-up.
These awards motivate us to strive for the best as we move into 2014 to continue to deliver innovative solutions and products to the market!